Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting Started

I have been planning to get started writing this blog earlier this month. I wanted to have sage words and pretty pictures...well, none of that has materialized as yet. Seems like the holidays and Club Scrap Crafter training has sucked the creativity out of me - at least for the remainder of this year. Thankfully, we only have a few more days BEFORE the new year begins. So, a jump start on writing without creative projects as eye candy.

It seems no matter how soon I start Christmas decorating and festivities (and let's not forget shopping) I always end up behind.'s over! This year we did stay home, although my mom and my brother came up for 3 days. So, that was 3 days of not being able to get to my art supplies and play. I'll be regrouping, creatively speaking, and will have announcements as to the new year relatively soon.

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Nancy Y said...

I love the colors - your background really pops everything off the page and looks interesting!