Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've been having some trouble motivating myself to get art done. I have a plethora of ideas - but the execution part has been difficult. Have you been there? Unfortunately, I think that the cluttered mess of my stamp room is much to blame. I've really outgrown the space that I have in there - I need to re-do the entire room and give away the sofa bed that is taking up an entire wall (could really use waist high counters with drawers/cubes etc). In a couple of weeks, my daughter will be graduating from high school - so I think that our very occasional house guests will soon cease. Then, the room will be all mine......

More projects... the above was one of the CD book projects that I received as a prize for PSL. I'm really liking these little books - so easy to make. The beadwork really stand out...and is also pretty easy. I think I should order some of these CD envelopes for future projects!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Projects Galore

I'm still busy trying to conquer my drawer of projects. And, of course, I have received my Cruise in a Box for Club Scrap with, what else?, more projects! Actually, we had a "Land Cruise" at my house on May 9th the work on 3 of the more difficult/tricky projects. One of those is done and the other 2 need completing! Will post as they are done!
The above photo is that of the Flip Book from the Club Scrap Sr "Cruisin". It's originally meant to be a neat little photo album - but I did not really have pictures to fit the theme and colors. I do have Club Scrap and other companies Retro themed stamps that worked quite well, including Marylin Monroe and Elvis images and some "nifty" sentiments...
I'll be taking a little break from projects to finish my GAB altered book swap theme page for May (Birds) and planning a card workshop. I'm just finalizing the techniques to be showcased in the workshop and I'll be ready to publish the date and send out an e-mail!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Projects and NSD

It's still been busy around here! Projects of various kinds have been monopolizing my time. I put together a display board for Club Scrap kits to be used at events - I used it for the Vendor night at Dartmouth Middle School. In addition to that, a group of us on the Club Scrap forum are working our way through all the unfinished projects that are sitting in drawers. Above is the wire book from the Matrix kit. I completed it at the end of April.'s not completely finished as I'm not sure what will go on the pages yet!
Over this past weekend, a small group of us West Coast Scrappers were at Scrapbook U in Fremont for National Scrapbooking Day. We spent 8 hours working on projects (me) or/and scrapbooking. We were treated to lunch, dinner, snacks, and some take home goodies. And, we all made a new friend, Bonnie! Not only did she tolerate our banter, but contributed and held her own. She may even join us at the House Crop in May. It was a fun Sunday for all!