Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alcohol Resists

I was playing around with various art medium techniques last week. I thought it was time to break out the alcohol inks, since it had been a while since I put them to use. The background panel on this card was the beneficiary. I clear heat embossed the swirl design on the white glossy cardstock. I then added 3 colors of alcohol ink to the panel. After allowing it to dry, I placed another piece of glossy white cardstock on top and ironed the pieces together. Then, I pulled them apart. The embossing was removed and transferred to the other piece - as was some of the color.
Here is another example of the technique. This is the "original" embossed and alcohol inked glossy white panel. I placed a second glossy white panel on top and used a hot kraft iron.

This was the "transfer" piece. I did add some Distress Ink in a similar color help the embossed image to stand out a bit. Quick and easy - and a little different twist on resist and alcohol ink techniques!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have taken photos of the projects on which I have been working! It is still PSL time at Club Scrap - next week will be the last week. I did take a few minutes to complete the last of the altered book pages. This project was quite a challenge as everyone chose a topic, some were out of my comfort zone.

Have you ever been involved in a project and suddenly come up empty of ideas? What I find helpful is looking for a quote to spark my imagination. It has definitely saved me for a couple of these themes!

What helps get your creative juices going?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Differences in Creativity?

This was a slow week for actually creating cards, scrapbook pages and other art projects. Why? My daughter was home on Spring Break from Emerson College in Boston. We spent a lot of time on appointments and errands. We also spent a lot of time talking - about everything and nothing.

She is a Film Production major - specifically audio post production. She had some homework over break, which brought us to creative discussions. For her, creativity is visual and sound imagery editing and mixing. For me, it is visual (although I may have a CD playing as background). Very different processes and end results.

One of the assignments she was working on, was a video montage set to a song. She chose "It's a Mad World" from the film, "Donny Darko". It was interesting to hear what images she would choose...It had me thinking that maybe our creative outlets are not so different. As paper artists, we create visually and, often, tell a story or evoke a feeling. Like a video or a film. Our projects maybe inspired by a book, movie, or a song. (I was recently involved in a blog challenge to create a "mini house" in the feel of "Alice in Wonderland".) And, I was soon thinking of ways to interpret my daughter's assignment in to something similar.

Paper and film arts are maybe not so different after all....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Resist with a Twist

Here is my final resist technique to share. Instead of starting with white glossy cardstock, I brayered pastel dye ink colors all over the panel. Once the ink was dry (it did not take long), I stamped the image using Versamark ink pad. Make sure to get good ink coverage on the stamp.
Once the Versamark ink was dry, I brayered over the panel with Marvy Orchid dye ink. The lighter colors under the Versamark ink really pop out!

For this technique, it is important to use light colors as the first layer and a darker color on top. I tried a few darker colors as the first layer - not as effective and a bit muddy. All cardstock and stamps are from Club Scrap.

Give it a try and enjoy!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Resist Techniques

I am continuing with resist techniques for cards. Funny, I just realized that I have been rubber stamping in some way for almost 20 years! How did that happen? I think it is because there is always something new to try. Currently, particularly with Club Scrap, what is old in new. Many scrapbookers are now enjoying stamping, eager to try new techniques. Resist techniques have been around for at least a decade - but not for everyone. So...I am taking an opportunity to revisit an old friend.

For these cards, the images were stamped in Resist Ink and allowed to dry. I then brayered over the image with a rainbow ink pad.
This card was made from a piece of the sample showcased above.

Same technique used in this card. The images were stamped onto glossy white cardstock, then brayered. All colored cardstocks are from Club Scrap, as are the ribbons and tags.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Clear Embossed Resists

The above cards were made with a basic resist technique I learned years ago. I have been revisiting some older techniques these days. Th photos are probably in the wrong order, but we will work with it!
The top photo is the end result. The middle photo is of a "master board" that can be cut into smaller sizes for a variety of cards. I used a rainbow dye ink pad and a brayer to apply ink over the embossed image. You can use solid color ink pads as well.
Bottom photo is of the supplies used to emboss the flowers. Basically, stamp and clear emboss image all over glossy cardstock. When the cardstock cools a bit, ink up a brayer with dye ink and roll over the image. Once the sheet is covered with ink, take a paper towel and wipe off the embossed image.
The card layers, die cut tag, and ribbon are from Club Scrap's Birds of a Feather kit.