Friday, November 4, 2011

Art Journal Page

I know - it took me long enough to take photos of some of the pages from last weekend. I have been busy unpacking, cleaning and completing a few things.  The above  are 2 pages from yet another newly made book. I generally work on 2 pages at once as I like them to be somewhat complimentary and cohesive. I also used Faber Castell Gelato watercolors to add some color around the doll images. I like to add paint/ink to my pages and these are very easy to transport.

The images were taken from a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. I find I cannot keep all my magazines, so I pull images that might be useful in collage and place them in a storage container. The butterfly overlay swings both ways so it can also go over the house. Yes, this was a somewhat sedate (and normal) page for me. Do not be discouraged - the unusual ones will come.

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