Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still on Hiatus

Well, the BBQ (both of them) was fun! Megan's best bud Ryan had one Friday, Aug 20th - he left for BYU on Sunday. We had one on sat, Aug 22nd. It was great to spend time with all and it gave Megan a chance to see our chosen "family" members before she leaves.
We've spent the past couple of days up in Arnold at our cabin. We have an annual "girl's trip" to come up, relax, and hike the South Grove trail in Big Trees (about 4 miles). After the hike, we picnicked at Beaver Creek and played in the water. Craig joined us this year - but it'll be back to traditions next year!
Soon, we'll be heading home. We need to box everything up so I can ship it to Boston on Friday...plus, I need to get back to "my room". i will post pictures soon!

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