Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello Again

It's been a long month...How've you been? Are you still there? Life happens and, unfortunately, blogging and creating sometimes take a back seat. Such has been the case with me. A new chapter has been opened and, at times, I'm trying to get it all figured out.

When last we spoke, I was in the midst of several things: dorm room shopping with my daughter; a craft room makeover; and I don't seem to remember what else! ( oh yeah, quotes for a bathroom remodel) Taking a child to college 3000 miles away has been a learning experience.

For one thing, ship more than you think seems reasonable. We shipped 2 large boxes and decided to carry as much clothes in our suitcases as possible. We left a pile of stuff for later shipments. I spent 2 weeks after leaving Boston, boxing and finding all the "maybe you could send..". Priority Mail? Five days on average to get items to Boston - almost the same as Fed Ex.

Second, and this is a biggie, BE SURE AND SEND A FEW SENTIMENTAL ITEMS FROM HOME! Sorry for yelling, but it would have been nice to have this advice. New stuff is exciting but, when your child feels homesick at 2:30am - a familiar pillow or critter would be a good thing. As soon as I returned from Boston, I shipped some stuff from her room and some familiar snacks. It helped a great deal from what Megan told me.

Clean out you child's room with them before she/he leaves...this still needs to be done, but it's kinda sad to go in there. Although, it has stayed clean! Soon, very soon....

With all this emotional upheaval, I've still been plugging away at my room. It is mostly organized, and that includes closet. I have bulletin boards up and a honeycomb top-down/bottom-up shade on my window. I did the installation of all items by my self and feel pretty good about it, Thank You! Just waiting for a tabletop turnstile to hold CD cases(which contain some unmounted stamps). Oh, and green man still needs to hang. But, it's pretty much done. Oh yes, I do remember I said I would post photos. They're coming- have no fear!

There's been a little time for creativity - completed an altered book page for my swap and made a small canvas as a gift for our usher at the Giants games. Of course - I forgot to photograph it before I sent it off with my husband. Too bad, really, because it was my first foray into canvas work and it turned out pretty well.

I do think you're up to date.

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