Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's been a week...

since my last post! I've been busy, but haven't had much time to post. Good news is my mom is home with 24 hr care, and will continue physical therapy at home twice a week. Thankfully, this has all worked out well.
Thinking about all this with my mom, finally spurred me to scrap her 80th birthday photos from a year and a half ago. I bought this Club Scrap ziplock (yes, as in baggie) book project to use for the photos. I made it very simple and did little to drop or alter the photos. I have also shown a couple of sample pages. I ended up painting the covers since they were chipboard and the cover papers didn't cover the entire chipboard. I also added different fibers to the binder rings - colors more in tune to the colors of the album.
I do have a couple more little albums to do for Christmas gifts. My cousin (and godmother) turned 65 last March - there was a surprise party for her (and her husband - same birth date but a year older!). I have photos from that event that I want to make a book for them.
All this scrapbooking is making me want to make books and do some journaling...

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