Thursday, November 5, 2009

The "Sandwich" Generation...

That's of what I am a part. We "sandwichers" still have kids that need us and our parents are of the age in which they need assistance. About 2 years ago, I was spending week or two at home and then week in So Ca (I'm in San Jose) caring for my mother who had hip replacement surgery and became ill afterwards. She had recovered as much as she was going to given that she refused further assistance and therapy (long story - won't go there!).

So, last Saturday, she fell at home on her reconstructed hip and fractured her upper thigh bone. Thankfully, the bone is in place - no surgery or casting, just physical therapy in a rehab unit for a while. That's where she is now. I do have a brother who lives close to Mom - so he's handling things (I did everything last time - including being on his case to visit his very sick mother - but we won't go there either!)

So, I'm in a funk - wanting to make art and just lacking the motivation. I did put together a Paper bag book - which I'll use for photos. The photo above is of the cover.

On a more fun note - I received a "thank you" gift from Jeannine Stein, author of Re-bound creating handmade books from recycled materials. A lovely collection of ephemera that is calling my name to be used...perhaps it will be the motivation...

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