Thursday, January 28, 2010

GAB Page

Can you tell I'm attempting to complete the remainder of these book pages? This was one of the more difficult topics - not being an organized religion person. However, I did find some images that would work. And, I used an "old" brayer technique.

With the advent of new items and techniques, I find I seldom look back at techniques popular a couple of years ago (let alone a decade ago). Brayers were, at one time, all the rage. These handheld rubber rollers were used to lay down background ink from solid color or rainbow stamp pads, ink large stamps, and print images. These techniques worked best on glossy cardstock.
Since I did not have a rainbow pad large enough to cover the glossy cardstock I was using, I improvised with single color pads. The Ranger Adirondack blues blended quite well. Unfortunately, the black on the bottom portion was not as cooperative. All the images were stamped on matte coat cardstock, cut out, and added to the background.

Finished page! I am off to put these in the mail. Think back to some of your favorite older techniques and start to use them again. Think of it as a blast from the past!

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