Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday"s Tip

I have been playing a lot with Tattered Angels products. I really wanted to find the spectrum of uses so I had other options than just spraying/painting.  One of the frustrations with Glimmer Mists, besides the clogging of the sprayer, is mixing the liquid and the mica that tends to settle.

We have learned, some of us the hard way, that you should shake/roll the bottle from side to side. We have learned that this take a long time to mix. Enter a small item that is actually used in Metallic Mixatives from Ranger's Alcohol ink line: a BB! I read about this and added a couple to my Glimmer Mists - works so much better! I have since been adding them to my own mixes of ink and mica powders, as well as to Radiant Rain.  This is an easy, less frustrating way to make your sprays user friendly!


Nancy Y said...

genius! Now I need some BBs!

Chrissie said...

me too...guess i need to make a trip to the ammo store! I'll pick up some of those nifty felt rectangles for gun cleaning to use as the AI applicators! Thanks for the tips Connie.

Connie Lutz said...

Both the felt triangles and the BB's are worth the trip - plus they are not very expensive!