Monday, November 1, 2010

Faux Postage

Here is a "blast from the Past" - Faux Postage. As a stamper, I remember when this trend was quite popular several years ago, along with mail art. So, I was no stranger to this Retreat project. (I still have some postage sheets of various sizes and orientations in my stash).
 Using one of the postage sheets from 100 Proof Press, we masked off the rectangles and sponged with ink. I did this during the class at Retreat, so my colors of ink were somewhat limited. At home, I worked quickly, grabbing a variety of Club Scrap wood mounted stamps to fill in the rectangles. The project did come with a matte and frame - although I may make a slightly different version to frame in my studio.
We used these handy dandy sponges to sponge on the inks. I absolutely love these! They fit great in your hand given the ergonomic handles. I actually like these so much better than the handles I have used for Distress Inks. Plus, you can toss the entire sponge in the washing machine! I tossed the used sponge in with some towels and it held up just fine. I think I will be using these for my Distress Inks as well.

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