Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

Or, what could be called what I learned this holiday season - the hard way! Those of you who are regular or frequent visitors may have noticed a lapse in posts. On the eve3ning of the 14, I became ill with a very nasty and long lasting stomach virus (no worries, I will not be providing the unsavory details!). Thankfully, earlier that day, I had completed the bulk of my Christmas shopping.  This illness lasted a long time - actually yesterday, I can say was a normal day. So, I was way behind in everything that needed to be done. So, things to keep in mind:
1. Shop during the year. Some of you do (kudos!) and some of you only think about it (like me!). You never know when the unexpected will hit.
2. Christmas cards - I make about 50-60 a year. However, I purchase about 50 store bought cards (I have learned that not everyone appreciates hand made cards). Start early in your design and fabrication - I am thinking of July! Also, you can easily address cards well in advance. Trust me - this will save a lot of time should you become ill.
I hope you all had a healthy and wonderful Holiday!


Nancy Y said...

good tips, you never know when the Grinch will strike! So glad you are finally on the mend, it is no fun to be sick! See you soon,

Julie said...

Yes Connie, great tips!
So sorry this bug had such a grip on you. Glad you are finally feeling better.


Connie Lutz said...

Thanks, Ladies! It's great to be feeling back to normal!