Monday, July 23, 2012

Best Laid Plans...

It has been longer than I had planned as far as blog posting. I had hoped to add some fun posts while I was in Paris...but it did not quite happen.
We left early on July 5th to go to Paris for my 50th birthday. It has always been on my "to do" list to be there on July 14 since my birthday also happens to be Bastille Day (aka French Independence Day). So, it worked well for this milestone birthday. Unfortunately, my Ipad was not cooperating (and my husband had a difficult time sharing the wi-fi connection...) so I had been silent. We returned on July 15th - with plans to start getting back in the swing of art (lots of ideas) and posting. But, I am of the "sandwich generation" - kept busy with my kids (both are in college, but...) and an aging (and increasingly infirm) mother. I had to drive to Southern California to discuss some medical issues with my mother and the facility in which she is rehabilitating. So, I am home now and (getting) back to a normal routine.
So a couple of photos I had planned on posting...
Giverny - Monet's house, taken from the front garden path;
Monet's Japanese water garden - home of the famous lilies. I thought that this would be a perfect location to abandon some art:
Because of the frequency of the rain we had (everyday but one), I decided to abandon my tag in the ladies room.
As I am in the process of getting back to creating, you will be seeing a few photos this week! I will have some Squirrely Art and other challenge results to be posted soon! A bientot!


nancy y said...

I wonder who found your art?
the gardens are truly beautiful and I think I could live in that house ;-)

Connie Lutz said...

The house is pretty cool - they kept most of the original furniture and decorations in place.