Friday, July 6, 2012

Stencil with Gel Medium

Yes, it was tag week for me! I tried another technique that came from May Flaum. I took my trusty tag and a Tattered Angels stencil and slopped on some of this gel medium.

As you can see, I was very liberal with the application. I carefully lifted the stencil (technically, this is a mask) and left it to dry for a day. I sprayed some Dylusions Mist and let it dry further. I was thinking of using the result as a tree, complete with some birds and blooms. However, the vibrancy of the Dylusions color had me re-think. I thought it looked more like ocean coral (without the orange color). So, the final result was this:
This is actually a pretty interesting technique. I plan on trying it with a few other mediums that I own.

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