Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Copper Tree

These are photos (not very good ones!) of the Copper Tree I made in a class at ScrapLovers/A Work of Heart in Willow Glen. The tree was made using a heavy gauge copper formed into the basic tree shape. Then, a couple of smaller gauges

are wound around the existing larger gauge. I'm not totally happy with the shape - but it turned ok for a first go round. Once done, the whole tree was dipped into a container of liver of sulpher and water to give it an aged look. In person, there is a variation of color that is cool. I'll be making ornaments to hang on the branches. I'm thinking of a french/Paris theme - for obvious reasons!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool tree! I love working with wire as a beader. Must try my hand at this larger scale project. Thanks for sharing!