Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Playing

Since I have returned from Club Scrap's Retreat, I have been very uncreative. It seems we all shared more than ideas, and I have bit of a flu. Thanks to Dayquil, I am feeling a bit better today. So, I ended up at my desk trying to decide what to make. Then it occurred to - I rarely play, as I am usually looking to make something to share. Well, today, I have no finished project. But I did get out my stamp positioner and stamp.

Without giving anything away, we did use a new tool at Retreat - the Position-It. Think of a Scor-board that is a stamp positioner. It can be seen at Stamp A Mania's site. Just enter Position It into the search window. I must say it is a pretty nifty tool. But I have my acrylic T square and panel and they work fine. I stamped in various colors and used colored pencils and paints to add color. Then, I went back to the original image and re-stamped using my stamp positioner. Nothing photos...just playing...

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