Sunday, April 24, 2011

Have You Submitted?

Several years ago - well, probably about 10 years - I decided to try my luck at submitting art work to magazines. Have you done that? It was back in the "hey day" of stamping magazines. Some of you may remember "The Rubber Stamper" and "Expressions" which are now defunct. I submitted cards and ATC's. My cards were published in "The Rubber Stamper" - quite a fun little surprise! I submitted my ATC's to RubberStampMadness for a challenge. I received an e-mail that they wanted to use the ATC for a Heirloom Productions ad. The great thing about the ad was it was published in all the stamping magazines (except Stampington Publications) for a year. It was great to share with students taking classes from me.

Flash forward to Fall 2010. I decided to submit some cards to Stampington's The Stamper's Sampler. I have not really thought much about it.And, I had never submitted to them before. So, I was a bit confused when I received the Catch Up edition in the mail since I did not remember ordering it. Well, it helps to read the cover letter. It has not officially been published yet - so I cannot share photos of cards. But, if you have an opportunity, check it out. And, by all means, consider submitting artwork. You never know!

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Diana said...

Congrats - I don't get that magazine but when I find out about it I'll have to find one somewhere.