Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

When using paints and various inks, I often work on a craft sheet. Most mediums clean off with soap and water - sometimes a baby wipe will do the trick. When I use alcohol inks, I was using Blending Solution to clean off excess inks. However, a cheaper alternative is hand sanitizer (such as Purel). It works great!


Julie said...

Fantastic Tip!!!

Also to go along with this tip, those expensive nonstick craft sheets that we use can be substituted with Nonstick Oven sheets that will protect the bottom of your oven from messy spills. I bought my large sheet at a Christmas Tree Shop for only $4.99.

Connie Lutz said...

Thanks, Julie! I've tried to find the oven sheets here - but they are as expensive as Craft sheets! Definitely look for sales!