Thursday, January 19, 2012

!2 x 12 Book

I had previously shown a small book I made from one sheet of 12 x 12 card stock. It is super simple - first take the card stock and score it at 3 inch intervals (at 3, 6 and 9 inches). Rotate the card stock and do it again. It is a bit hard to see (although I took the photo at an angle) that the entire sheet of card stock is scored into squares. For this next step, I leave the card stock in the scorer. Take an Xacto knife and cut down at the 3 and 9 inch marks - JUST THROUGH 3 OF THE Squares. So, you will cut on the score line down 9 inches. At the 6 inch score line you will cut in the opposite direction of the other two, again just to the 9 inch mark.

Once you have made your cuts, you can remove it from the score tool. I use the Martha Stewart scorer and leave on the card stock because I find it easier to make straight cuts. You will then start at one side and make a series of accordion folds up the row. When you come to the point where the squares are joined, fold  on top of the next row and continue accordion folding.
When you have completed the folding, you will have accordion folds, and valley and mountain folds. It should look like the photo below:
You will then take the adhesive of your choice, and begin sealing the valley and mountain folds. Once those are closed, your book should look like an accordion book. You will be closing the accordion, by applying adhesive to the back side of the pages. The idea is to make a spine with the pages opening as a regular book.

As I am folding and gluing, I try to line the pages up as closely as possible and use my bone folder to smooth out the pages. In my next post, we will discuss the page decorations!

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