Friday, April 10, 2009

Alcohol Ink and Microglaze

The above photos were the ones I was attempting to upload the other day. The top photo is actually a finished card made using alcohol inks, Microglaze, stencils and a "spinner". The 2nd photo shows glossy cardstock with a stencil overlaid. Microglaze is applied to the openings. Photo 3 is the cardstock with the stencil removed - you should be able to see the raised Microglaze image. The next photo shows the cardstock inserted into a Spin Art machine. Does it look familiar? They are available at some Micheal's for around $10 (less with a 40% off coupon :)) And, lastly, the cardstock after alcohol ink was applied to the spinning cardstock - the Microglaze is the scrapped off. You're ready to trim and decorate the card!
More cards and techniques to come soon!

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