Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not Enough Time...

The past month has been very busy: my high school senior has perfromed in her final musical (HONK! - the story of the Ugly Duckling), meaning mom has a bunch of volunteer responsibilities; my bi-monthly (every other month?!) card making class (more on that later); Club Scrap pro scrapbooking and cardmaking league - now in it's last week; and some sad news regarding friends.

HONK! turned out to be an amazing success - selling out both weekends. We even set up an additional 35 seats and sold those as well. The kids were fabulous and enjoyed every minute - although it was bittersweet for the seniors. My daughter, Megan, has already promised to come back and see next year's play when she is on Spring Break.

One of our good friend's daughter ,who spends time with Megan, was diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 weeks before HONK! opened (she was the lead). We've been on a roller coaster with her and her family hoping all goes well with surgery and recovery. Thankfully, the results came back negative for cancer and she should hopefully come home in the next day or two. That's a relief for all of us.

There's been other stuff - too complicated to go into here. However, life is slowly getting back to normal. AND, Megan has made her decision as to which college to attend next year - the winner is Emerson College in Boston! She's very excited as she will have the opportunity to design her own major, encompassing sound for theatre, film, and TV. It's a wonderful opportunity for her!

A taste of card making - above is one of my favorites of the past couple of weeks. The background was made using an alcohol ink technique of polished stone. It was fun to make a couple of sheets of polished stone and then cut them up for cards. It's a technique I used way back when and have had fun revisiting it!
As for my card making meeting - that'll be for another post with some technique photos!

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Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Connie,

WOW You are insanely busy!! I'm so happy that Megan is doing well and got into the school of her choice!!

I sincerely hope that your daughter's friend is much much better soon. That's so scary.

Your artwork is always so cool!!!

Stay well!!!