Sunday, October 11, 2009

Art Room

As I've been mentioning for months, my art room has been reformulated and new and improved! I'm finally done with all aspects of installing (and hanging) - so today I was able to clean all the surfaces. I had ceiling and wall dust from hanging bulletin boards and green man - so everything is very clean and uncluttered! (Hopefully, that will last!)
The top photo is what the room sort of looked like before: the sofa bed was against the right wall (that has the large shelf and drawer unit). My desk was originally against the left wall, and the window area was open. The desk and 2 of the bulletin boards are all that remain from the original room. I did not photograph the closet - it was redone as well but not all that exciting!
The final piece was added when I hung green man. I bought him at an art gallery in the town of Murphy's - small former mining town in the Sierras. We have a cabin in Arnold a few minutes east of there. The artist was at a street festival in Barcelona where a man on stilts painted similarly was walking about. His name in the gallery was "Barcelona Green Man". I do think he needs a new name...Any suggestions feel free to comment!

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