Monday, October 19, 2009

Mini retreat Book Project

As I have mentioned, I taught a book project class last Saturday at WC's Mini Retreat. I kept the details a secret as I know a few of the ladies are not overjoyed with bookbinding projects - but this one was quite unique.
I recently purchased a book "Re-bound making books from recycled materials" written by Jeannine Stein. Really interesting book projects using items like bath mats, plastic gift cards, old wallets - to name a few. My book? This is a recycled (actually a "re-purposed" new) hot water bottle! My friends could not guess what the book was made of - and just cracked up when I pulled out the hot water bottles!
By following the cutting instructions, each hot water bottle can make 2 books. It's a fairly easy stitch, crossing on the spine to form X's. I did modify it a bit by using a ribbon closure and creating a loop in which to set a pen. I will definitely make this again - adding beads to the spine and painting the pages before binding.
Fun isn't it!

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