Sunday, March 14, 2010

Differences in Creativity?

This was a slow week for actually creating cards, scrapbook pages and other art projects. Why? My daughter was home on Spring Break from Emerson College in Boston. We spent a lot of time on appointments and errands. We also spent a lot of time talking - about everything and nothing.

She is a Film Production major - specifically audio post production. She had some homework over break, which brought us to creative discussions. For her, creativity is visual and sound imagery editing and mixing. For me, it is visual (although I may have a CD playing as background). Very different processes and end results.

One of the assignments she was working on, was a video montage set to a song. She chose "It's a Mad World" from the film, "Donny Darko". It was interesting to hear what images she would choose...It had me thinking that maybe our creative outlets are not so different. As paper artists, we create visually and, often, tell a story or evoke a feeling. Like a video or a film. Our projects maybe inspired by a book, movie, or a song. (I was recently involved in a blog challenge to create a "mini house" in the feel of "Alice in Wonderland".) And, I was soon thinking of ways to interpret my daughter's assignment in to something similar.

Paper and film arts are maybe not so different after all....

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