Sunday, September 26, 2010

Background Play

I had been thinking about making some different backgrounds to use in my art journal. Unfortunately, I really needed a card for our the woman who polices the section where we share Giants season tickets. We have been friendly for years - and my making her a card or small piece of art as a thank you has become a tradition.

This year, I settled on a card and decided to use one of my journal background techniques. For the background, I saved a couple of days of the Sports pages from our local newspaper. I tore them into small pieces/strips, piling them on my desk. I also tore some strips/pieces of a pattern paper that had the colors I wanted to use. Next, I began gluing paper and newsprint randomly, overlapping as I went along.  Once the card stock  was sufficiently covered, I set it aside to dry.

Once dry, I made a wash from Golden Glazes and painted it on. The Glaze helps pull the disparate images on the background together - unifying the background. The baseball image was stamped several times, allowing me to cut out and highlight various parts.

I apologize for the sideways image - for some reason the uploader refuses to cooperate.


Anonymous said...

Connie - did you use a liquid glue to adhere the newspaper? This looks like a great idea for masculine cards. Thanks for sharing, Teresa

Connie Lutz said...

Thanks, Teresa! I used gel medium - but you could use liquid glue, if it is permanent. You don't want the color wash to loosen the glue and curl up the papers.