Monday, September 27, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas

I know, I know - Christmas!? It is still September! I am not one for starting holiday activities early, but this year I did. I hosted a 12 Days of Christmas swap over the summer. We all made 12 identical pages of our day, and then met to bind them into a book. I have a collection of 12 Days books and thought a handmade version would be a great addition. The only restrictions were size (I provided the pages) and no nudity/vulgarity as I was to display mine during December. The artwork and variations on the theme were wonderful! So, I could not resist sharing these with all of you.
I do not know if you noticed, but the 6 Geese a layin'  was a hand carved stamp for this swap. A variety of stamping, die cutting, embossing and "blinging" was used - and everyone went all out!  Can you guess which
page is mine?

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Nancy Y said...

I know, I know... oh that would be cheating ;-)