Thursday, May 26, 2011

Squirrely Challenge

This week's Squirrely Challenge was a pop up card. It was a very easy pattern to follow from I used the stamps and card stocks from Blossom. I thought it would make for a cheery card.
This the card folded up, as if to fit into an envelope. Although it may not look it, it is a standard A2 card.

This photo is of the open card - or, I should say "popped up". Remember to visit the other "Squirrel Girl" blogs this week for other variations:
Nancy's blog; Jen's blog; Chrissie's blog; Julie's blog; and Diana's blog.  Enjoy!


Nancy Y said...

Oh yeah for Connie, the first squirrel this week! LOVE this blossom card and how you cut out the blossom by the ribbon!

Jen said...

Very nice card. I will work on mine over the weekend. Just can't seem to get creatively rolling during the week.