Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time Flies

Wow, this month is just flying by! I have a lot going and not enough time. I would love to be able to share some of the projects I have been working on, but they are for our West Coast group's Scramp Camp retreat. They will be a surprise for the posting! I will be photographing them and will post after the second weekend in September.

I did sneak in a bit of other playtime by doing mail art. I have a bit of a wacky sense of humor, and I tend to express it in  my art journals and mail art. This was one of my favorite juxtapositions:
I have a lot of scenic stamps (well, a lot of all stamps really) . I also tend to buy images in varying sizes. I mixed a couple of "normal" stamps in an unusual way, and came up with the above postcard. The saying is one that seems so appropriate these days! Next time you are playing (with no specific project in mind) try mixing and matching your images for a fun twist!


Nancy Y said...

what's she gonna do with 'em when she catches them?!

darn... I thought we'd get a sneak peek for camp.

Connie Lutz said...

I'm being oh so Scramp CAmp careful! As for our lady friend - dinner (of course!)

Tracy Bollinger said...

Thanks for my mail art! I'm getting to it ladies....I've got so many projects started!