Thursday, May 27, 2010

Journal Class

It had been awhile since I played with paint and made a journal. With Kelly Kilmer ( )up here in the Bay area teaching again, I had the opportunity to play. Many people buy pre-made journals/notebooks at the book store. It is very easy to make your own - plus you can customize the pages before sewing them into the book. This is a different look for me.
We pre-painted the pages before stitching. Some folks have trouble/freeze when encountering a blank white page (yes, I am one of those), adding color helps to make it easier to collage and write. Of course, you can also leave the pages white should you so desire. I sometimes do both. These handmade journals also make great gifts for a friend or family member who uses a journal. It would be easy to pick out decorative paper and customize. Have a teen or child who wants a diary? Again, easy to make and customize.

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Julie said...

Connie, what an awesome Journal!!