Monday, May 24, 2010

Mini Scrapbook Part 2

This is a slightly larger version of the mini Scrapbook I posted last week. I think it would be pretty easy to vary the sizes and openings for a variety of looks.
I used some of the photos of art work from the Louvre and d'Orsay - and several Club Scrap images to fill out the book.

A view from above.

I stamped the background with a couple of images. I wanted to show you the red colored circles. They were made by inking the cap of a glue stick with red ink and stamping on the cardstock (a la Tuesday's Tip). I did not want a solid image and the cap was a great size.


Nancy Y said...

great little book! When my Mom, sister and niece visit in August we are going to the DeYoung in SF for the d'Orsay Impressionist show!

Julie said...

Love it Connie!! Looks fantastic!