Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comments Welcome...

Things are almost back to normal here. My daughter went back to school in Boston for a couple of days and is (currently) on a plane to The Netherlands. She will be studying abroad this semester. When I have mentioned this new experience of sending a child to another continent to study, it has elicited a number of comments. Most were in the area of "how exciting" and "what a great experience". But some, acknowledged the difficulty, as a parent, in letting go. ( I have just become comfortable with sending her across country...My son goes to school locally - very different!).

It is nice to have comments and feedback as to understanding and acknowledgement. It made me think about commenting on blogs. I read a variety of blogs - many are bookmarked to be checked daily (or close to it). I comment sometimes, but not usually every time I visit a blog. I wonder if the blogger would prefer more feedback. I know that I would. So, I will be leaving more comments. I have a few people who will consistently leave a message. For me, it is helpful when a comment is left - particularly if a tip, technique, design etc is found to be helpful. It also helps to gauge interest in a particular area, and helps drive future posts and information.

What would get you to comment? Let me know - I would love to hear from you!

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Julie said...

Well, I am probably one of you regular commenters so I think just what you are doing is great. Asking for responses is a perfect way to get folks to open up. :)

Btw, I didn't even know you DD was going abroad to study! How exciting. But I can totally understand being a little worried. But I guess we all have to let them spread their wings and fly and just think of all the wonderful experiences she is going to have!