Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

Welcome to new beginnings! In these first few days of the new year, many of us consider making changes in the new year. Many are personal - weight loss, fitness, family-related, etc. The "experts" mention making "lifestyle changes" that are specific. But, do you have any art related resolutions? Spend more/less, use what you have, purging your art room are a few resolutions that I have seen. What specifics do you have? Let me know by leaving a comment.
I have several changes which I need to make. Some specifics:
1. Clean my desk after each session.
2. Put new purchases away immediately (no bags on the floor or desk).
3. Schedule time for art - and be specific. One afternoon may be art journal pages, another maybe scrap booking.
I do have more, but these are my biggest issues. What are yours?


Julie said...

I am with you on all of the resolutions when it comes to my arts and crafts.

I am in serious need of some time to make my layouts and I am trying to resolve to use our LSS to get busy on that. They offer free use of their space on Wed. I am so there!

Connie Lutz said...

The scrapbooking idea is a good one.Since I am a stamper and mixed media person, I rarely scrap. That's one of my resolutions too!

Nancy Y said...

first off I need to really clean-up and organize.

Then the #1 priority is to make time for art... I may need to schedule days myself! I'm tired of rushing to finish things right at the "deadline". That seems to lead to more messes and less artwork.