Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Favorite Pages

I scrapped a few pages for this last week of PSL. I had originally planned to complete the 8 x 8 album I am making my daughter (and myself) of our trip to France for her high school graduation. Today, I worked on the photos from Giverny and Monet's estate.
This was my favorite of the 2 page spreads. I took a number of photos in the Water Garden and the Pond.   

I really like this page in particular. I attempted to copy one of Monet's paintings, taking photos from different locations. A close-up of the photo is below:

The key to getting the photo I wanted was to take my time and try different angles. Do you have certain photos that are favorites? Get them out of the box onto a page. It took me a while, but that is what I did today.

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