Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

This is another old time tip that I recently had to use. With PSL and all the scrap booking I have been doing, I sometimes get a bit over-zealous with my ATG gun and adhesive. I had VERY SECURELY adhered a matted photo, when I decided I needed to move it a bit. Peeling it up was not an option as it would tear all the papers involved. I un-raveled some dental floss and slowly moved it between the mat and the base page. It took a bit of time (remember, I said "securely"!), but I was able to lift the photo up and re-position it without damage. Keep some waxed floss handy for your next little mistake.


Nancy Y said...

good reminder... I need that!
oh, and don't forget to use that stuff for your teeth too, your dentist will thank you!

Julie said...

I have also used that little trick, but really Connie, on scrapbook pages you really only need one good dot of ATG adhesive in the middle of the photo and matte on a page. That way if you want to take it up, all you do is give the whole paper a twist off the page. Easy peasy! Plus it saves you a ton of money on adhesive! :)

Connie Lutz said...

Thanks, Julie. Unfortunately, sometimes with distractions, we may forget what we were doing and add a little too much! It happens!