Saturday, June 11, 2011

Unofficial Start of Summer

The calendar and the weather may not scream "summer", but having the kids home from school is my indication. Although my "kids" are college students in their 20's, I still have a transition with having them home for the summer. That transition includes laundry (!), ground rules for being home and storing dorm paraphernalia. So, my creative time has been missing this particular 7-10 days. I have done a few minor projects (that need posting), but my time has been lacking. Do you have similar issues this time of year?

The hardest part for me in weathering a lack of time is staying motivated. Must keep the muse alive!  I have been cruising blogs in the evening and reading magazines. I generally have a post-it notes or a notebook to jot down ideas that reading will spark. I generally purchase magazines at my book store - that way I can decide if the issue appeals to me. I decided after buying it bi-monthly, I would subscribe to CLothPaperScissors. I went on-line to subscribe and found a fabulous interactive website with free downloads and a wonderful newsletter. Talk about keeping the muse alive - check them out here. Another fun website is Strathmore paper site. They have free art journaling classes from wonderful instructors. i love to look at the finished pages! You can see what they have to offer here.

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