Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crop Weekend Recovery

I had been attempting to get back my creative mojo after vacation. I played a bit here and there, but was pretty unproductive. Then comes "Scrap Diva" weekend - a Friday through Saturday opportunity to have fairly uninterrupted creative time. My friend, Nancy (Squirrely Art) and I decided to go. It was wonderful to just sit (walk around occasionally) and play. I took a variety of projects so as not to get bored.
I started with some pre-made Club Scrap layouts, adding photos (the embellishments will wait until I am home with all my stamps etc). Then came out the Simon Says Stamp card kits:
There are about half a dozen more that were in another box. Not all of these are completed, but I have some great starts to build upon.
I really like these type of weekends - for more than just the opportunity to complete projects. It is always interesting to meet fellow crafters and discuss different styles, companies, kits, products etc. I finally received the little kick I needed to actually take the Gypsy I purchased (over a year ago...) and load up my cartridges (Thanks, Debbie!). So, you never know when and who will provide inspiration. What have been some of your experiences at weekend crops?


Jennifer said...

Love these cards (in progress?). I haven't even started on my August kit yet. I just can't keep up with all my crafty goals. Glad you had that crafty weekend with a good friend.

Connie Lutz said...

Thanks, Jen! It was a lot of fun. I mainly worked on the May kit - and a bit of July and August.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I actually got together with some local friends on Sunday, and it was great to knock out a bunch of layouts. They still need journaling and maybe a little more embellishments. But it was a great kick start.

nancy y said...

This was the first time that I think I have gotten so much done at a crop weekend - there was lots of chit-chat for sure, and a lovely 30 minute massage but I actually got quiet a few pages done (just a little embellishing needed) and about 8 cards made! woo hoo.