Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camp Scrap

I will be participating in May Flaum's Camp Scrap. It is a free summer camp of ideas for scrapping and card making and what ever else! I am hoping to jump start my use and paring down of my stash.
Monday's post discussed clustering of embellishments on a scrapbook page (but can be used on any project). Perfect timing! On June 20th, I will be teaching a layout class using this very technique.
The lower right hand corner contains my cluster of stars, gems, pearls, and punched circles. I usually lay them out to get an idea of placement - the larger sizes first. Then, I glue those down with dots of glue on the background. I add the smaller sizes to fill in and stretch out the design. Your turn to give it a try!


nancy y said...

should be a great class!

Connie Lutz said...

It will definitely feature several techniques! I am having fun with the clustering!