Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spray Paint!

No, I have not been out tagging public property! Maryjo McGraw posted a project involving decorating plain plastic items. Nancy and I are followers of Maryjo's "secret blog", and decided we would try the spray painting project. Since we knew we would not do this on our own, we met at my house with items, cans of paint and stencils.
First, I sprayed a clear desktop sorter with white spray paint. I did 2 light coats. I also sprayed a plastic tumbler that I use for water for paint brushes.
I really love this stencil and thought I would use it on my plastic pieces. Using painter's tape and newspaper, I masked off the portions I did not want to stencil. I used a red "stained glass" effect spray paint that Nancy brought over. I used the same stencil and paint color on my tumbler.
I added a few sprays of black paint as well. The photo above captures our home made spray booth and materials we used. My desk sorter is standing on end after being sprayed.
Note to self - next time wear gloves! The angle of the photo makes my hand look enormous next to Nancy's! For photos of Nancy's project: Squirrely Art. She may be posting her projects in the next day or so. For information on Maryjo McGraw and her secret


nancy y said...

excellent post... I'll get mine up tonight! It was super fun.

Connie Lutz said...

Looking forward to seeing it!

Jen said...

That blog isn't secret any more... Ha ha ha

Connie Lutz said...

Jen- the more the merrier!