Monday, June 25, 2012

Tags and Art Abandonment

How funny that an idea that has been around for a while has suddenly become a hot topic. I have always heard of "Guerilla Art" - in which you make a random piece of art and leave it for someone to find. I have even discussed this idea with friends. Well, it took Michael De Meng to rally us all to action! 
On Saturday, I was at a crop with May Flaum, as part of her Camp Scrap on-line class. I brought some tags and ATCs to work on - as in transform into art to abandon. The four tags I made look like this:
I originally thought I would take these to Paris. I may still take a couple and make some thing else. I have a lot of appointments this week, so I will be bringing my art with me. If you are interested, there is a Facebook group Come by and read some of the commentary (open to all) - you may be tempted to join us!


Theresa Lee said...

Very cool idea! Your tag looks fabulous! I've been following the FB page and plan on doing some abandonment next week on vacation ;)

Connie Lutz said...

Thanks, Theresa Lee. I'm having lunch with a friend tomorrow - think I'll leave it at the restaurant or in the Ladies Room!