Friday, June 8, 2012

Tough Times

I miss stamp stores. Since I began my artistic adventures over 20 years ago, I have always been a rubber stamper first and foremost. Back then, there was a plethora of stamp stores in Southern California (including the mecca, Stampa Barbara). When we moved to Alaska in 1994, there was a rubber stamp store there. In 1996, we moved to the Bay area, where the Northern California mecca, Stamper's Warehouse, was located a long with a several smaller stores. Unfortunately, they are gone.

Scrapbook stores started to flourish - seemed there was one in every city/town. Now, they are gone. A couple of weeks ago, Jazzy Crafts announced that they would be closing. Economic times being what they are, I think more people have a difficult time with non-essential spending. For art and craft retailers, it has been a bumpy ride.

I try to support my local (and not so local) stores as much as possible. Support your local stores, before they disappear. I have found my taste has changed a great deal (again!), so I find it easier to support local stores.
Except for the stamps....I still miss stamp stores.....